Thursday, 29 March 2012


A quick glance
and it's gone. He looked
away, never seeing.
Why should he?
He's so far above.
So far above.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Walker Between the Worlds

just beyond that door.
A glimpse,
blink and you lose it.
The way to the Otherworld.
Come with me,
walk between this world
and the under.

Just Under the Bed

So where did it go, that object I was desperate for?
Desperate to the point that I forgot it, once I looked under the bed. Once I realized what I was looking at shouldn't have been there.

A glowing light, soft leaves under the bed frame. What the...?

I placed a hand in to feel the leaves, to feel the warmth of that light. That light that gave more than the feeling of a fine summer day. It called me, like home. Come in, you're one of us.


Crawling under, I slipped into my new world.

And found Home.