Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Introducing Andy

"In your dreams!"

His voice cuts through the air thick with the anticipation of a thunderstorm, a storm so cruel it could give birth to a tornado. His voice cuts into my thoughts, crueler than any tornado. Andy's voice is like a slap across the face when you thought it was okay, today would be the day you got through it without ending on the floor.

Only in my dreams, indeed.

The horror of Highland Square.


  1. OK...already I hate Andy...sounds like the beginning of a story...and reading further "About Me"...I discover it is the beginning...I will be interested to see what happens to "dear old Andy"

    One little idea...I felt the words "His voice" the 2nd time were too repetitive...Maybe something like "His screams cut into"...just an idea...

  2. He he! He is a bit of a horror :P

    The two lines there were actually written that way to be repetitive, as is the word 'tornado' and yes, it is the beginning of a small story that should get posted in the next few days, I just thought a story may be a bit much for folks used to a poem over at Carry On to take!!

    Thanks for all your kind words and help on this! I really appreciate it :-)

  3. Yes Andy sounds dreadful, but a nice beginning to an interesting story. Good writing.

  4. I'm livid with, Andy. Poignant and achingly well done.